Balboa Brick and Supply Corp has all of your landscaping supply needs. We carry a variety of top quality bricks made from molded clay that is strengthened through firing at high temperatures in a specialized brick kilns. We offer bricks in a variety of different colors, sizes, and shapes; Balboa Brick and Supply Corp stocks a limited selection of stock, but we can always special order any product from the following brick manufacturers: Atkinson, Castaic, Higgins and Pacific Clay.

The advantages of using bricks in landscaping are:

  • Bricks have a lower maintenance costs.
  • Bricks made from materials found out in nature.
  • Compared to wood, bricks last much longer.
  • Clay bricks are non-combustible.

We carry the following types of bricks:

Standard Bricks

Standard Brick is most commonly referred to a “full brick” which is the standard sized clay brick used in residential and commercial masonry construction. Bricks are stacked and mortared to create walls, columns, steps, and a variety of other structural elements.

Split Bricks

Split Bricks thinner versions of the standard size brick. Split bricks are designed for paving patios or walkways. High strength split brick are used for paving areas that see high car traffic or load such as driveways or parking areas.

Thin Bricks

Thin Bricks are most commonly known as “Veneer Bricks” which are even thinner than the split brick units. Thin Brick is specifically designed for interior and exterior applications. Use of thin brick is an excellent way to add the look of brick design to an existing wall, fireplace, or column without the cost and weight of building the structure out of standard sized bricks.

Fire Bricks

Fire Brick are created to use in high heat areas such as the lining the firebox within a fireplace, the interior walls of a pizza oven, when creating fire pits, slow roasting in-ground “pig pits”, or any other application where high heat is present.

Bullnose Bricks

Bullnose Bricks have a stylish, rounded “bullnose” edge on one or both sides of each brick. These single bullnose and double bullnose brick are most commonly used for finishing edges in brick masonry construction, pool edges around swimming pools and stair treads.

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